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Spotted Must Haves 

Thanks for checking out my Must Have Shop!

Check out my personal experiences with these items below they are great for any lifestyle!
By Purchasing the items below you are helping my business in commission at no additional cost to you. The best part is  I have already purchased and  experienced each item so my opinion is not affected in any way. 


The Leggings 

They were purchased by accident. . I added them to my cart to debate with myself for  a week. Well, I needed some facewash one day so in a hurry before a meeting, I added my facewash to the cart and checked out. Didn't check the order didn't check my email or bank account. The next day (bless you 2-day prime shipping) I tell my husband to open the amazon order. His face PRICELESS. Anyways their sexy and fun. Try them out!! #advertisement 

Scalp Massager 

I come home super stressed from work a lot. My job requires me to be in front a computer 7hrs/8hr day. So my eyes hurt and my head hurts at least twice a week. Hubs is amazing and started looking up stress relivers to help me and he found the scalp massager. Its such a simple tool but it makes your head feel amazing. I have the pink one and he has the blue one. Check it out! #advertisement 

The candle. 

Ok, so my husband had surprised me a few months ago with a "love and passion" candle. Not only did it smell great but I lit it every time  I wanted to have some fun with him. I was so sad when it ran out. So in return, I ordered the below candle and it smells amazing!!  Now it's kind of our cute sexy tradition. We sparked our romance back :)

Honest Beard Wax

Hubs has a huge long grown beard. I love it. I play with it I smell it I Kiss it, its just attractive to me. But its not attractive when its dirty or doesn't smell good. It took me awhile but i found the best smelling organic wax for his beard. It smells delicious and it helps with frizz control. Wax is also crafted here in the USA. #advertisement 

The Foot Massager

I hate touching my husbands feet. Ill massage them if I absolutely have too but I don't like them. However I feel bad for him he stands on his feel all day and night working so he deserves a nice massage every now and then. I purchased the below in 2021 and he loves it. Its so easy for him to come home kick off his shoes and just roll his feet over it. He always tells me it massages pressure points that help relax him. Check it out! #advertisement


Best mop ever! Check out my Sunday Funday Cleaning Hack blog :)

What People Say

I purchased the foot massager for me and i am so happy I did! I put it under my desk at work and roll my feet over it for a quick massage. 

Sandra Alvarez

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