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Your Three Most Important Loves ❤️

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Do you know the five love 💕 languages theory? ahhh so great I know …. but my favorite is ”Three Loves Theory”.

Whether you fall in love five times or fifteen times, your going to have special relationships that stand out. A Deep affection that flames inside your heart forever. These are the loves that mold you, define you and shape you.

First Love, Hard Love, and the Lasting Love.

The first love ♥️💛

What is it? The puppy innocent love. We all remember our first love. This is the most genuine innocent young puppy love. High school friends that fall in high school love. The guy waits for the girl outside of each classroom just to make sure she gets to the next class just fine… meanwhile he runs super late ⏰ to his own class 😂.

A fairy tale love an easy love… I remember I just wanted to spend every minute of every day with this person. I didn’t care what we were doing or where we were as long as I was next to him. This love is the purest and the simplest. And when you break up for whatever reason, going to college, meeting your next love, or wanting different things, you eat a tub of ice cream and crying your eyes 👀 out. But you get right back up and you keep moving. Your young, young people bounce back.

Damn the Hard love. 🖤

What is it? This is painful love the teaching lesson love. The love that teaches what to do and what not to do. A love that will break you or make you. You will make some of the hardest decisions 🧠in your life dealing with this love. For Instance, “I’m unhappy do I leave? Do we see a counselor? I hate the way he parents our child, We are growing up on different growth paths what do we do?”

Love is all about timing. For most of us this love is bitter sweet, like a flat soda and a sweet chocolate bar 🍫. That's because we experience this love in our 20s early 30s (Young adults) which is the most confusing time of our life!! Trying to navigate through building a career, finishing school, having kid(s), and now learning HOW to love...... WTF 🤯.

But that's cool the universe works in weird ways. We just have to deal with it. So while we are swimming 🏊‍♀️ our way though life events we also tread through hard love. How do we deal with these emotions? How do we know we are making the right decisions?

We flipping don't. But that's why HARD love is so important, this period of your life is so important.

Your feelings in your hard love is important. Your decisions and choices in your hard life are so important! One day you could be an ultimate high happy 😃 and the next day super low sad or mad 😡. Your jealously is heightened and your self doubt is raging more than ever. This isn't your fault, you cant control your emotions or hormones. But you can control how you over come it how you handle it. YOU CHOOSE HOW TO MOVE FOWARD. Hard love teaches us how to make decisions without our parents, how to choose ME before them, confidence, boundaries, respect, and maturity.

Life is nothing but a lesson and hard love is preparing your for your ever lasting love.

The Lasting Love. 💜

Could your lasting love be your hard love? Sure! Anything is possible.

If you can over come the challenges and emotions too make it, I believe your hard love can be your lasting love.

Not trying to be a downer but we have to be realistic! Sadly the reality is divorce rates for 2022 are expected to reach 44.2% of the population, according to,people%20per%201%2C000%20total%20population.

You ether shape up in your hard love to become your lasting love or you move on to find that last person

Anyways back to the lasting love.....

What is it? This is the final love. The only intimate love we will ever need again in our life. This is our soulmate.

By now you are a pro at dealing with different characters of people, learning the emotions of another person, and accepting any/all flaws that come with this love. You learned all this with your hard love. So this is pretty easy lemon 🍋 squeezy...

All you do in this love is lay in bed 🛌 , make love all day, drink good smelling coffee ☕️ and laugh. There is little room for arguments or sadness. Even if there is sadness your partner picks you up and cheers you up. Even if there is an argument, your spouse and you have learned compromise. This is the love that makes us feel complete, our heart ♥️ is so filled with joy.

Our lasting love is the one that sees us for us in out lowest state and loves you in all the phases and moods you have.

I can’t tell if my marriage is in hard love or last love…I’m 29 years old confused as hell and I have no idea where to start. In school they teach you to make a checklist. Sooooo tonight I’m going to make a list. That sounds corny and stupid but writting down the pros and cons of anything puts things in a different perspective. If you are unsure what love you are in make a list and compare the items to the above. Just love and love with all your heart ♥

XoXo 💋


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