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Does happiness make you selfish or happy?


Sometimes the perception of choosing personal happiness, can make you look selfish.

But are you really being selfish? Is me creating a guest room selfish (in my husbands eyes) or is it a choice I made to make me happy? I believe perception and point of view is important in any aspect of someone's life, work, home, school, mothering, husband-ing, etc... Hubs and I play tug a war at this topic a lot and if you ask him it’s “all about what you want, selfish”… but is it really?

Is choosing "me" selfish or happiness?

You & I have a good relationship by now...we have been nothing but honest with each other right? Well…. Here’s the honest truth. No one is going to make you happy unless you make yourself happy and if that means it makes you selfish then so be it.

Happiness is connected to factors. Triggers that tell your brain 'hey this makes me happy be in a good mood". Did you know everyone has happy hormones? Dopamine




How do you know if you happy hormones and if so how can you maximize them? Read all about it here:

Anything can release any of these happy hormones like money, sex, television, friendship, etc... What do all these factors have in common? They are all self managed and controlled by YOU. Yeah someone can offer you $20 but its your choice to accept that $20 and let it make you happy. .

Albert Einstein said “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things”.

I have been in my big beautiful home 🏡 since August…. And I'm really struggling with making it feel like it’s MINE. It was pre owned so colors, paint, cabinets its all from the previous owner. I've been a homeowner since I was 20 years old and I’ve never had a guest room. We have always had “extra rooms” but never a guest room. Never a place for people to come stay the weekend, hang out, or for me to escape when hubs pisses me off.

All the extra rooms or space in any house we had, always had a roommate, OR its my husbands man cave. A man cave has always been my husbands "must have" where he lives. Its cool I respect that, its his space...whatever makes him happy.

BUT in our new home we have a man cave, spare room, and a LOFT. Hubs currently has all three of these areas. The spare room in our current home hubs is letting a family member live in temporarily until summer. In our last home the spare room had my family member temporarily stay in, and then after that my husband let his other family member stay.

Don't mistake me, I'm not complaining that we helped people but its been 8 years ... I'm ready for a normal guest room and no more roommates. Does this make me selfish?

Therefore, I decided I was going to have a guest room in our new home but now that room is taken again..... So this was one of those decisions where I was just going to "just do" and ask hubs to forgive me after (if your reading this I ❤️ You 🤣) lol. So Sunday my amazing momma came over and we got too working. We turned a mancave room to a man-guest room 🙌. My husband still has his dad chair in there but next to it is a guest bed 🛌 for anyone that wants to come hang out with me. I am so flipping happy! Side note: My mom is one of those moms that can walk into your home and in 1 hour give you a list of everything you need to do to make it a model home. She’s a super organizer 🧺 and a great decorator.

So now the topic over breakfast is “this is me being selfish because I wanted it or is it me making a choice to do something that makes me happy?“

Marriage is confusing.... but I know one thing that isn't MY HAPPINESS.

todays lesson. DO WHATEVER THE HECK MAKES YOU HAPPY! PS People... while you enjoy my vent session and I enjoyed it lol my husband and I are still in love and happy! ❤️

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