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Top Tips for Feeling Confident

Self Confidence: Self feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment.

It’s important to feel confident in your own skin.

Not just for your partner but for yourself. When you start seeing yourself in a positive 😃 way you start feeling better looking better and acting better. Lately I have been hanging out with my twelve year old sister. She’s pretty fucking amazing and cool. The other day she got her ear cartilage pierced. It made me remember not only do I have my cartilage pierced but I have four ear 👂 piercings. Your probably wondering “how can she forget her ears are pierced?” Very easy my friend very easy. Do you find yourself asking yourself, "why don't I wear this anymore?" Same concept.

When you work full time ⏱, your a full time mom, and wife it becomes very effortless to STOP 🛑 focusing on yourself but focus on everyone in your house.

I can go days without make up, washing my hair, scrub clothes and it won’t bother me as long as my child and husband have what they need and look presentable. But doing this for so many years after a while you loose sight 👁 of truly how gorgeous you are and then your confidence level decreases which leads to insecurities.

Friends let me be clear my husband thinks I’m sexy 🥰😍 AF. Like a lot sexy. No matter what LOL. This feeling of unsexy or not cute is internal.

This feeling kind of started in 2021 with me. I would look and wonder how can I feel confident again. For 2022 I made a promise to myself. I'm focusing on me this year.

My wardrobe, my make up, my hair, my shoes everything. I'm INVESTING in me, I recommend you do it too.

To start I started wearing all my earrings again. See my semi cute photo below.

Download my Top Ways of feeling Confident on a budget! I created this guide when one morning at breakfast (more like a checklist) on everything that helped me come back to life again!


Download my FREE GUIDE HERE!!

Guide to Feeling Confident
Download PDF • 597KB

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