Public Knowledge

🚧🚧 People that I personally know keep asking one common question “aren't you afraid or embarrassed to publicly talk about your issues?”

Hello no Karens I’m not. Marital/relationship issues are normal.

Is my husband embarrassed? Depends on the day. Today he is more than yesterday and tomorrow. But that is normal for men and women to feel the way. Most people keep all these feelings and emotions contained. Sadly they end up exploding in the middle of lunch with the guys or girls. Some end up in infidelity situations because they just don't know how to deal with their thoughts.

If I didn't start writing these thoughts, feelings and emotions I would have drowned in my own head. I would have became resentful, intolerable, irritable and annoying. This is a soothing for me emotionally and mentally.

Your brain is powerful, mentality is powerful.
Adele is my celebrity idol. LOVE HER!!!! We all have one, don't lie. In her most recent interview with Oprah she makes a few comments and statements that stick with me and they might stick with you.

1) Adele friends start asking her questions. She answers them “I'm really not happy I'm just trotting along.”
2) Adele starts explaining that she cannot physically express her feelings by talking. The only way she knows how is through writing music 🎶. This is the same situation.

3) The most embarrassing part is not making your marriage work.

My whole life my mom always told me “start a blog, write something your so good at it.” Ok mom here we go. 🌀

Check out Adele interview here:


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