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Handling your Weight feat. Jessica Cruz 🌙


Me reading 1000 articles on “How to manage your weight”, what to eatand how many times should I exercise”, "The results start with you"... blah blah blah....

Me mentally whispering "I already do that", "yeah I eat good", "what the heck I count my calories!", "ahhhhh this is frustrating why can't I lose a simple 5 pounds?"

Managing your weight can be frustrating especially if it’s something you are dedicating time for and just aren’t getting what you want.

Have you ever considered that your stress is contributing to rapid weight loss, weight gain, standstill weight?

I am at standstill with my weight right now and it’s so annoying!⌛ I eat a lot of veggies and protein; I try to count my calories but nothing works. I’m just stuck at 135. So I decided to look back at the last year of my life to see what I changed. Diet? No. Exercise? No. Birth control changes? No. Hormone imbalance? Not that I’m aware of. Natural Laughter? Yes. Stress? Yes. I laugh less and I stress more.

Let's jump back to the hormonal changes… yes ladies your hormones can affect your weight. Your birth control can dictate if you lose or gain a few pounds.

I'm not an expert in this and all I know is I want to understand why it’s hard to lose 5 pounds under stress!!! So I reached out to some lady friends…. And this is how I found Jessica (IG: jesssicaccruz )

She's amazing and knowledgeable. What attracted me to her for help the most was that she was receptive. Jessica didn’t shoooo me away and tell me to exercise and she didn’t just hand me a meal plan. She listened to me. Lucky for me and you. She's got some good info to share on here today 😀.


What do you do if your stress and emotions are controlling your weight!!

Jessica Feedback:

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My IG: jesssicaccruz (

She wrote....."Hi Cecelia, I’m so honored and excited to be helping you. One of the main reasons why I’m so excited to help you answer the question that I feel many people wonder about daily. Many wonder why they aren’t losing weight, why their weight is stagnant or why is it going up and not down?

First and foremost, I would like to point out and make it very clear that losing weight is hard and it’s even more hard trying to do so when you live in a constant go, go, go life. Meaning it’s hard when you work a full-time job, full-time student, and/ or taking care of kids, dealing with financial worries, or have relationship problems. All these are part of life, but it’s the impact that they have that matters.

Stress has many impacts on us:

Unhealthy stress- induced behaviors

Being stress can drive us to engage in unhealthy behaviors such as stress eating. You may find yourself snacking or reaching for that second serving of something which In turn helps provide us with that temporary stress relief, but makes healthy weight management a bit more difficult.

Many times routine goes out the window when we are stressed. We typically don’t sleep much, we skip exercising, but most importantly we eat sporadically and we skip meals. Skipping meals is actually one of the biggest mistakes we do when we are stressed and even when we are simply just trying to lose weight.

Last but not least, it’s been reported that many people have trouble sleeping when they’re stressed. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can be linked to a slower metabolism thus making it difficult to achieve weight loss. The feeling of being tired can also reduce willpower and contribute to unhealthy eating habits.


Before I finish off I’ll leave you with some tips on how to break the cycle of stress and gaining weight.

Exercising NEEDS to be a Priority

Pick Healthy Food Options!

Drink Water!

Calm Time

Love Yourself

  1. Make exercising a priority no matter how stress you are. Who knows maybe you will find that working out is the outlet that you just never know you needed.

  2. Keep your home stocked up with healthy option foods. This will help you eat healthier during the times when you feel like snacking. With this, focus on practicing mindful eating not stress-eating. What this entails is sitting down to eat, focus on what you’re eating without distractions. Next time you’re eating, try to eat without the TV 📺 on or without your phone in your hand.

  3. Drink WATER 💧! Learn to differentiate hunger from thirst!

  4. Try to incorporate yoga or meditation into your life! Read a good book 📚 . Listen to motivational podcasts. Listen to music 🎶. Take a walk outside. Practice taking deep breaths.

  5. And most important. ❤️ Love yourself! Don’t be so hard on you. You are powerful and you can do this. You may be stressed now, but this won’t last. This is a little hiccup in your journey. Admire the person you see in the mirror. Things are difficult now, but show up for you. Try any of these suggestions and stick to them don’t just try them for one day, implement them into your life and soon enough it’ll become part of your lifestyle

Please don’t hesitate to go follow On Instagram (jesssicaccruz)

I post often about tips and tricks on how to do a healthy weight loss and how to love yourself in your journey. Don’t hesitate to DM me if you would like my help I offer 1:1 for anyone that would love to and I also host almost monthly “21 day challenges” with cash $ prize winners for the best transformations. "

😉End of Jessica’s gal advice. 😉

Did you learn something today? Go get up and fill your water bottle up with water. Take twenty minutes for YOU!

You deserve to be in control of your body, mind and weight!

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