Four Week Reflection

Hey cuteness ♥️! It’s been four weeks since we met. That means it has been four weeks of you and I slowly becoming better versions of ourselves....and guess what?! 🌊 I think we are doing a pretty good job 🥳 !!

Lets go over the topics we both liked, loved, and maybe hated (no hard feelings here🙂 ) Relationships

Personal Development

Tips to Make Your Life Better!

PS….. if there’s anything you ever have on your mind but just not quite sure how to word it or write it! Send me the topic or discussion idea on my feedback page . I’ll try my best to stir up something good.

But anyways …. Let’s take a step back and reflect on the last four weeks. Have you done something, anything, to make yourself feel better?

Have you purchased an item that makes you happy? Or are you looking at the last four weeks and thinking 🚨 “dang I haven’t done anything, I am in the same routine all the time.“

Don’t worry it’s ok, this happens to all of us! You just need a little push to snap out of that routine.

Try using this check list to start.

Get Fresh Air

Set 🚨 alarm on your phone for every other hour to get up and walk for 15 minutes.

Drink More Water

Take a Hot Shower

Now get a paper 📝 , open your notes in your phone, whatever and wherever you can write down your four week goal.

My Example: In four weeks I want to be able to do 25 push ups.

Here's my four week reflection:

1) Increased my water intake.

My gal pal helped me (Follow her ) She even wrote about it here:

Soooo I purchased my bottle and it was the best purchase I made (in the last four weeks hehe 😉). Here is what I bought: <--- yes.. I am a star wars geek... I love it and I refill the bottle three times a day. Yay me!!

2) Started Krav Maga fitness classes. (Its the most insane thing ever and I LOVE IT!!! but I cant spoil the details on here just yet 🏋🏽‍♀️... stay tuned..)

See my list is small but its something. I started somewhere and I'm going to keep going.

So go, go make your list, change the next four weeks of your life. Make them amazing!

XoXo - Ceceila 💋

Watch my TikTok on my feedback on Krav

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