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Your mad today. Your pissed off. You don't understand why your spouse can't wash the dishes or do a load of laundry. Your stomping around wasting your day thinking your partner can read your mind on why your pissed. But shhh...... This is a secret 🤫 ........ NO ONE CAN READ MINDS.

Stop assuming. Communicate. Talk. Express your frustrations. One day it'll be too late. The clock will stop.

One thing my grandparents and parents always say is “do not take time for granted, one day you are 25 and the next your 55.”

When your young in your early twenties you're like “yeah right I have all the time in the world.”

Then you blink. Next thing you know your 27 and wondering where did 21-26 go?

I used to fight 😡 with my husband a lot, just trying to be petty to get my way. Then one day we were getting ready. I'm in the mirror doing make up and he's in the mirror trimming his beard. I glimpsed at him (yes I check out my husband still he’s sexy AF 🥰 🦍) and I realized we aren’t young anymore. Let me correct that we are young but we’re not younger. I’ve got a few more grey hairs he’s got a few more wrinkles and as sexy as we are were getting older. I’m tired of wasting my time fighting with him. Instead I want to have fun make love ❤️ be friends and laugh. I know that’s easier said then done ✔️ but you really have to try.

My husband and I have been going through a rough time. I mean close to separating rough. I almost moved out of my brand new big house 😥. Ive been pretty upset about a situation (larger than laundry or dishes)we have going on in our home and I feel that my husband isn’t doing anything about it. But he is doing stuff about it im just to aggravated everyday to notice. I still feel that he isn’t listening but like my mom says “choose your battles” and my dad always says “you guys have nothing to fight over be thankful for your life together.”

(I will be discussing or expressing these issues in a later blog post)

Back to my point…… My parents are right.

Enjoy your spouse love your partner and save the fighting for the big shit. The shit that’s going to make or break you. A dish or load of laundry shouldn’t make or break you.


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