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How I started

The Journey.....

Hey there <3!
I'm Cecelia! Thanks for visiting my site.
I really hope you are enjoying the posts. This whole blog journey started when my husband and I were thinking about separating. Sad right? I was SUPER sad and as amazing as my friends are; it wasn't fair that I continued to talk their ears off for months. You could tell my sadness was spreading. With all these thoughts and emotions in my head crazy little me decided to start writing it all down. It was my escape. The only way I can truly express the good, bad, and the ugly. One read led to another read and now its my lifestyle blog.


My Goal

My goal is too share all my real life scenarios with you and too help guide you through your own scenarios.
Marital, Momming
(yes I made this word up), Wifeing (I know this isn't grammatically correct but wife-ing is so happening lately), and my personal development stories.
I am not a counselor or a therapist, I am just a normal working full time mom and wife trying to make the most of my life on this beautiful earth. 

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